Initially proposed by Alhaj Moulavi H. Omardeen.


Part Time School was started at textile mill with a few renovations funded by Al-Haj Thasleem.


The First Subjects were taught by Sheik A.C.M Jiffry.


Purchased land for building - fully funded by Al-Haj Thasleem.


The foundation stone was laid by Sheik A.C.M Jiffry for the college building funded by late Sheik Zamil (Saudi Arabia). Thereafter the initial Building Construction was completed with the help of brothers from around Sri Lanka.


Opening Ceremony for the new building was held.


Full time subjects were implemented. Special guests for the event included - Sheik A.C.M Jiffrey, Sheik M.I.M Rizvi Mufti (President, Jamiyyathul Ulama Sri lanka), Sheik Athar Mohamed (Director of Naleemia Arabic College), Sheik Moulavi Hassan Fareed.

December 2011

The Board Members decided to commence the 1st storey building work in January 2012 and alhamdullilah the work is going on as per schedule with funds received from wellwishers and donors. May Allah SWT Bless all those who have helped and are helping this project.

February 2011

Concrete slab for the first floor was completed, Ahamdullilah.

February 2011

A group of people from Canada kindly dontated cash to get 03 computers plus the whole set up of speakers, stabilisers , computer tables and chairs for the school. Jazakallah to them and the team behind purchasing these items at Expo Lanka led by Mr. Bishri Ghazali. May Allah(SW) bless all of them always, AMEEN.

February 2011

Jazakhalla to a group of Sri Lankan wellwishers in Washington USA who made a donation of $1100/ to the college which enabled us to pay the overdue electricity bills and purchase some building materials for the ongoing construction work of the first floor.May Allah SWT Bless all those who help us in this project AMEEN.